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Adrenaquell 120 capsules

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Adrenaquell 120 capsules

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Adrenaquell 120 capsules

The effects of chronic stress can undermine the body’s ability to maintain health. The connections between stress and early aging, cardiovascular disease, digestive and immune issues is well established in medical literature. Overtaxing the body’s adrenal system, or stress-response system, with chronic physical or emotional stress results in fatigue, hormone imbalance, immune dysfunction, blood pressure changes, cravings for stimulants, sugars, and eventually decreases the body’s ability to perform. Controlling stress with proper diet, exercise, posture and mindfulness practices can help eliminate some of the causes of these chronic stress responses. Supporting adrenal function with nutrients, hormones, glandulars and adaptogenic herbs will speed and support recovery from life’s constant stressors.

*Best taken in the morning, or as directed by a healthcare professional

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In combination with prescribed exercises and nutritional support, meditation, sports and hobbies, Adrenaquell can speed and support the rejuvenation of your adrenal function. Adrenaquell is formulated to help promote healthy cortisol levels.

Ingredient Information:

Along with bovine adrenal glandular, DHEA, pregnenolone, and phospholipids, Adrenaquell contains a complex of tonifying herbs to support the body’s response to stressors:

Astragalus root –generally stimulates the immune system and has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve memory.  Similar to licorice, it is used as a tonic to support adrenal depletion.

Bacopa monierii - an antioxidant that may reduce the affects of stress on the body's organ systems. May also assist in calming the mind, and has been shown to enhance the effects of acetylcholine, serotonin, and GABA. Bacopa may help improve memory function. 

Licorice root – inhibits cortisol breakdown, helping restore normal levels.  Also helps to mend “leaky gut”, improves metabolism, and has anti-viral properties.

Ashwagandha – neuroprotective and anti-anxiety. Improves stamina.

Grape Seed Extract – high in natural anti-oxidants and proanthocyanidins and comes from the polyphenol family.

Rhodiola – helps to strengthen the nervous system and balance cortisol levels.

Eleuthero root – supports cognitive function, alertness, immune and stress responses.

Cordyceps –with a broad range of actions on the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and immune systems

Schisandra berry – nurtures the adrenal cortex by limiting overproduction of stress hormones.

Rosemary – has been shown to have significant benefit for reduction of anxiety and improved memory.

Ginger – shown to help with cognitive function and neurotransmitter balance.

Magnolia – reduces stress response associated with anxiety

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